I am Albert Hammond Jr.

Mar 05

Live from New York…

Mar 02

Don’t forget to watch the new video and also don’t forget to catch us on SNL this Saturday with host Miley Cyrus!

It’s going to be a party in the US of A!

Feb 21

I should really keep up with the ever-moving internet. I’m sorry I don’t update enough. I shall keep you all posted for further updates.

Don’t forget to check our website!

Ciao for now!

piperpackshaw-deactivated201311 said: Albert, what are your thoughts on song leaks?
I can't imagine you would be too fond of them....
I'm currently 'Tumblr arguing' with a girl about being a loyal Strokes fan and waiting for UCoD to be released. She believes nothing to be wrong with illegally downloading it.
I've got your back bro.

I don’t like leaks. Emphasis on the word ‘illegal’ in “illegal downloading”. We had it for free on our website for 48 hours, anyways, but I have a feeling this is an old message.

valensisangles said: hi mr. hammond,
your music in a band and as a solo artist is amazing and you are AWESOME.
im very excited about the new single (and album)
if you come to switzerland or anywhere close by i will most definitely be coming to the concert

Wow, thank you so much.

New tour dates should be announced soon by Ryan. He doesn’t trust me anymore with news from the band anymore.

noshortcuts-deactivated20121201 said: UCoD is so so so GOOD ! I almost die !
you guys are the best !
I LOVE YOU !! thank you so much for that single, tonight I feel blessed !

Thank you! Don’t die! We love all our fans, you’re too kind!

deathcrab said: can you deliver a message to julian for me when you have a minute, preferably transferred to the format of a ransom note "IF I CAN'T HAVE U....NO ONE CAN" and if you could splatter some blood on the paper as well i think that'd be a nice touch hey thanks albert you're the best!!!

Well this is a bit morbid….

I can’t sleep… too excited for Angles to come out!

I’ll answer a few of your questions for now.

Feb 08

New single out tomorrow!

New tour dates soon!

Coachella in April!

I hope you’re all as excited as I am!

Jan 03

officialdougdimmadome said: heeyy albert :)

just wanted to thank you and your lovely band for making such great music. and for just being awesome. i remember hearing "is this it" in 2001 when i was 7 years old, and it totally blew my mind even as a kid haha (and from there i was hooked on you guys). you all are such interesting and amazing people, and i'm so glad you've inspired me and tons of other people to play instruments, write music, or simply listen to more of your work. so thank you so much! i genuinely salute you for being the coolest man ever.

and, of course, i'm insanely looking forward to your 4th album.

I’m so glad that people of all ages enjoy our music!

Thank you so much.

Jan 01

It’s finally 2011!

I’m very excited for this year and I hope you all are too.

I’d like to thank all our fans for being patient. Hope you all have a happy new year!

Dec 25

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Unbelievable how quickly a year can go by! I hope it was a good one, but I hope next year will be even better.

Nov 22

noshortcuts-deactivated20121201 said: Hello dude,
I wanted to THANK YOU, you and the Strokes, all of you are so special to me.
That may seems a bit stupid, but you're such a huge part of my life, I mean, your music rocks each day of my life... You just blow my mind...
Now I'm just waiting for the 4th album... I have to tell you that i'm ecstatic !
& most of all, i'm waiting for the world tour (don't forget France) !
so thank you for the happiness you bring to me...thank you, thank you, thank you !
I hope one day my dream will come true and I will meet all of you ! In french we say "tant qu'il y a de la vie il ya de l'espoir" so lets hope ;)
Albert you're amazing ! take care xoxo

My, our, fans are amazing!

-tangiblerecords-deactivated201 said: Did you write any of the songs on the new album?

I wrote all of them.

tressiehurley said: have nothing to ask ... stumbled across this site ... can't stop laughing my ass off over some of the questions asked of you!! Nice witty, evasive responses, tho! You should consider a career in politics -- I've worked for enough of them to know!!!

A politician? Oh dear, no.